Trioplan 35 f2.8 II

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    Focal Length & Aperture: 35mm / f2.8 - f22
    Image-circle diameter: 44mm
    Angle of View: 63°
    Aperture Blades: 12
    Filter diameter: 52mm
    Optics Construction: 5 Elements
    Minimum object distance: 0,2 m
    Length (depends on mount): 52mm - 78mm
    Weight: 270g - 300g
    Housing: Aluminum / black anodized
    Leica-Rangefinder-Coupling: no (LiveView mandatory)
The famous soap bubble bokeh in wide angle The focal length of 35mm makes it a... more


The famous soap bubble bokeh in wide angle

The focal length of 35mm makes it a lens for telling stories: It captures people in their natural surroundings - the perfect documentary lens with artistic qualities.


Telling stories with images

In stories, it's the subtleties that are difficult to capture that matter. How do you capture subtle moods, special light reflections, the particularity of a moment? The Trioplan 35 II is made for these moments.


Fine-Art Photography

Thanks to the special bubble bokeh, which is particularly painterly when stopped down further, the image results of the Trioplan 35 II are often almost indistinguishable from painted works of art.


Closing the gap between documentation & art

The lens is made for travel, street or nature photography. In essence, it is completely different from other lenses that are only made for reproducing reality. It gives the pictures artistic charm, that certain something - just as it should be for a Trioplan.