Optics development & design

Our team of optical designers and constructors is dedicated to turning lens ideas into reality. Always keeping quality, uniqueness and user-friendliness in mind, ideas are meticulously prepared for production from scratch using modern technology. Even at this early stage of development, the foundations for later quality, performance and characteristics are laid.


High precision glass lens manufacturing

From the raw glass to the finished lens, various processing steps are required. Whether grinding, polishing, centering or coating the lenses - the highest possible precision is required in all work steps. By using the most precise CNC grinding machines, we meet the high quality standards that we set for our own products.


Manufacturing inspection

The use of state-of-the-art machines and absolute high-end measuring technology enables us to guarantee this precision. Every single production stage during our glass lens production is precisely controlled and thus the tightest tolerances can be realized.


Mechanical components

The optics of a handcrafted lens requires an equally perfect mechanics. Narrow manufacturing tolerances as well as high-quality anodizing and glass-blasted surfaces ensure maximum precision and durability. Here we rely on the expertise of renowned German precision engineering companies and can thus deliver the quality that has always distinguished Meyer Optik.


Assembly by hand

The optimal interaction of individual components is like a work of art. Many different components and different materials are perfectly assembled by hand. In this way, our products are created in the best possible quality.



All our products are subject to high quality standards. Strict tests and quality assurance are carried out throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the individual parts to the finished lens. This is how we guarantee the high quality for which Meyer Optik is known and loved worldwide.